Eco-design for developers

Integrate GREENSPECTOR in your developments. Measure, scan, benchmark.

Improve performance and reduce battery consumption of your applications.

8 hours

of autonomy saved on an Android smartphone

. . .

Optimize your mobile development, improve the user experience of your applications:

the autonomy

the performance

the productivity

the user experience

Non-optimized software impacts the user experience (slowness, productivity and quality of use), the resources (autonomy, availability) and the costs (operations, renew the equipment…)

« Measure the real-time consumption of your applications »

With our test platform on real devices, check the energy consumption of your applications! Put under control the resources and battery consumption of your applications.

« Improve your application with our efficiency patterns »

Interface applications

Our exclusive analysis engine uses more than 200 laboratory tested and validated efficiency rules. Follow recommendations personalized for your context and improve your code quality, your network packet and your resources consumption.

« Find your energy bug before your users »

Add a new feature to your continuous integration: efficiency! Scan the source code and measure the real consumption in your usual continuous integration platform.

Interface meter

« Benchmark your application in one click »

Interface eco score phone

In one click, get the eco-score of your applications. At a glance, rate the efficiency level of your application portfolio and follow its evolution in time. Encourage progress!

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