Raise your applications
up to your business goals

Measure, benchmark, improve.


Battery life

User experience


What does application’s
efficiency mean for you?

Business fleets and apps

More battery life

Faster response times

Lower costs

Public Applications

ASO, engagement and retention

Faster response times

Improved app quality

Empower development and Q&A teams with new capacites


Place under control the consumption of energy and resources, as well as the performance of your mobile applications.


Set consumption and performance goals. Detect lags and bugs before your users do.


Check on an APK before integrating it in your application or an SDK in your devices. Validate your website behavior.


Assess the efficiency of your applications and your competitors'.

Your tests in the cloud on real mobile devices

Automate continuous power measurement

Remote testing on our POWER TEST CLOUD allows you to control your resources and energy consumptions on real devices.
Also available in Private Cloud and On Premises.

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Our success stories

  • Banking and insurance
    Discover how we reduced the application size by about -25%
  • Defense
    Battery life back from 8 hour to 11 hour autonomy.
Telecom Health Transports Retail Services ...

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