We are a French startup based in Nantes

Our ambition

In 2030, worldwide Internet will consume as much electricity as the whole humanity in 2008 (University of Dresden). The software has its share of responsibility. An eco-designed software consumes fewer resources and less energy. Our mission is to provide software developers the means to act during the design phase. GREENSPECTOR contains years of collaborative R&D on efficient practices, years of being developed with partners and during audits realized on ad-hoc assignments. Today it is the most complete product on the market to simply accompany the daily practice of Green Development in organizations.

Our values

Because we are aware that we ask people to make efforts to change the world, we commit to respect the following values in our daily activites and beyond just our products

  • Sustainabilty

    Just like humanity must pursue a sensible development of its activities, software should also make its revolution by integrating the principles of sustainability and efficiency for a more responsible and sustainable digital world - Green IT.

  • Efficiency

    Resources are not infinitely expandable, we must do more with less. The search for software efficiency linked to material is key to enable resource requirement reduction, hence sustainability.

  • CSR

    The digital world has its limits. We, at GREENSPECTOR, have a moral duty to act and support daily positive change in our consumption habits. As part of its general policy and in terms of CSR, the company may integrate Green IT efforts, particularly in software.

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Our team

We believe in software ecodesign

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