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Greenspector partner alongside Atos – EcoAct for ChangeNOW and its digital edition (May 27-29)

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ChangeNOW, the largest gathering of innovations for the planet, will be held this year in a 100% digital format from May 27 to 29, 2021. For 3 days, the summit highlights the most concrete and innovative solutions: more than 1000 solutions, 500 speakers and 120 countries united to face the greatest environmental and climatic challenges.

Greenspector will exhibit its unique and innovative solution to measure/analyze the consumption of digital services. For this 2021 edition, Greenspector has signed a partnership with ChangeNow and EcoAct. Greenspector will carry out an estimate of the carbon footprint of the event alongside EcoAct, a long-standing player in the fight against climate change.

For this purpose, Greenspector will measure the energy and resources consumption of the event’s web and mobile platform and will also estimate the carbon impact of the websites of all event partners. These measurements, carried out on real devices using the Greenspector Test Runner tool, will be accessible on our website in the form of dashboards or rankings to the various stakeholders of the event.

Climate change, resources, biodiversity and inclusion are the greatest challenges of our century. The ChangeNOW Summit is a unique opportunity to connect with investors, media, corporations, institutions and talents that can support your projects and make them scale to accelerate change.

As a partner of ChangeNOW, Greenspector is proud to offer you a 30% reduction for the purchase of a business pass with the code: GREENSPECTORNOW2021.

Greenspector, an actor of Planet Tech’Care

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What is Planet Tech’Care?

Planet Tech’Care is a platform that connects organizations and training actors who wish to mobilize to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology with a network of partners, digital and environmental experts.

By adhering to this manifesto, signatories have free access to a support program made up of workshops designed by the initiative’s partners. The platform is run by the Digital Responsible for Syntec Numérique.

Why is Greenspector doubly committed to this national approach?

Greenspector, a member of Syntec Numérique and a company with a mission, is committed both as a signatory of the manifesto and is committed as a partner of this program to support the signatory organizations to take action, act for a sober digital and inclusive. Digital sobriety is a major factor in reducing our impact, but it is also a performance factor. The awareness of digital makers is key in the image that digital reflects today, this infinite world, without barriers and without limits in use. Many want to ignore this impact by looking more at the digital contributions to the reduction of environmental impacts but it must not become this industry which did not know how to react quickly enough as we reproach today to our models of movement, to our food. . Beyond awareness, the Planet Tech Care initiative is a way to mobilize the digital world to engage. The subject of the eco-design of digital services will be a way to reduce the consumption of energy and resources in the use phase but also to reduce the impact of equipment by using it better and by extending its lifespan. life.

A reminder of the key points of the manifesto:

1. Recognize that environmental change is a major issue for humanity on which digital players have an impact and must mobilize:

  • Commit publicly through the signing of the manifesto
  • Disseminate the initiative to their sphere of influence

2. Take action to contribute, at their level, to controlling environmental risks

  • Measure the environmental footprint (at minimum carbon) of their digital products and services
  • Identify and implement actions to reduce their environmental impacts
  • Identify and implement actions to extend the lifespan of digital products and services
  • Share this information and procedures with the stakeholders concerned

3. For those involved in education or offering training, set up training modules or courses to develop the skills of students and employees in responsible and environmentally efficient digital.

Auxylium: renewed trust for the continuation of the project

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The DGA and Atos renew their confidence in the GREENSPECTOR solution for 2020-2021 on the Auxylium project.


Auxylium is the smartphone project that equips the military in urban areas. It enables it to cope with surveillance and intervention missions, particularly in the context of major situations or events requiring the deployment of forces on the ground in France (SENTINELLE project). In this context, energy control with good usage performance for the best autonomy in the field is a key subject for the successful completion of the mission without weighing down the military’s equipment with additional batteries.

Greenspector will thus be involved in the continuous integration of the project, which will allow Atos teams to control the energy and resource consumption of the application.

Measurement and analysis actions in the previous phases of our collaboration made it possible to detect points of application over-consumption and made it possible to go from 3 hours to 11 hours of autonomy on the main uses.

Greenspector joins the Atos Accelerator program: #AtosScaler

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Greenspector joins the Atos Scaler

GREENSPECTOR joins the ATOS Scaler to pursue initial collaborations with the ATOS Group. The objective of this partnership is the integration of GREENSPECTOR solutions and expertise within ATOS projects to make the applications developed within the framework of the Group more efficient, inclusive and eco-responsible.

GREENSPECTOR is part of a global group of 14 start-ups when the Scaler Atos was launched on July 7, 2020. Greenspector will aim to participate in the “Decarbonization” of the Group’s activities. Recall that ATOS is the first ESN “Digital Services Company” on a global scale to integrate strong objectives of “0 Emission – Net” with the announced intermediate objective of halving their emissions within 10 years.

GREENSPECTOR has collaborated on several projects. We can cite in particular the military project AUXYLIUM (SENTINEL operation) a business application for which joint work with ATOS teams has made it possible to divide by more than 3 the energy consumption on board a smartphone.


This ATOS Scaler selection allows us to pursue a deeper stage in industrial and commercial terms of our partnership in France but also internationally. It responds to the challenges that the ATOS Group has set itself in terms of impact reduction of digital activities for their customers. We are therefore very proud to be able to make our contribution to this virtuous and necessary objective and to develop our international collaborations with a leading and committed ESN

This international partnership is part of a context where digital technology is consuming more and more with a global impact estimated at 4% of GHG emissions but which is growing faster than other sectors with the advent of increasingly frequent uses. and expensive, and increasingly new technologies.

GREENSPECTOR, member of the Solar Impulse label Efficient Solutions

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GREENSPECTOR is proud to be an efficient solution member of the Solar Impulse label, one of the first labels to recognize positive impact companies.

“We are very proud to be part of this selection of 1000 solutions to save the planet. The digital industry is increasingly polluting and needs tools to reduce its impact. Greenspector has developed a tool that enables the eco-design process to be mastered to limit the energy-resource impact by being integrated into the manufacturing process of the digital service.

Being labeled by the Solar Impulse foundation is a tremendous recognition for our project which has animated the entire GREENSPECTOR team for almost 10 years and which materialized in 2016 with a solution launched on the market. It is also for the future a good proof that our solution and our associated expertise will bring a positive impact for the planet and a benefit for our customers anxious to integrate resource management for an eco-responsible, sober and inclusive digital.”


About the Solar Impulse Foundation

Founded in 2018 by Bertrand Picard, the Solar Impulse Foundation has set itself the challenge of identifying 1,000 efficient solutions for the planet. The Solar Impulse label rewards efficient, clean and profitable solutions with a positive impact on the environment and quality of life. In collaboration with renowned institutions, solutions applying to the Label must go through a neutral and certified methodology based on the following 5 criteria broken down into three themes of feasibility, environmental impact and profitability :

  1. Credibility of the concept
  2. Scalability
  3. Environmental benefits
  4. Customer economic incentive
  5. Profitability of the vendor

The Solar Impulse Foundation has received broad support from institutions including the UNFCCC, the European Commission, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

For more information, visit:

GREENSPECTOR App Mark, first brand new indicator of mobile applications efficiency

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GREENSPECTOR launches the first efficiency indicator for mobile applications: the GREENSPECTOR App Mark. This indicator reflects the quality of an application to be efficient, sober, inclusive, respectful and ecological. These 5 axes are based on 100 technical tests measured in the laboratory on real smartphones and the recovery of data from the store.

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GREENSPECTOR App Scan is now available on iOS!

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This is a great first for GREENSPECTOR: one of our main solutions is now available in the Apple universe.

Long awaited by our customers, this compatibility with iOS makes it possible to complete the analyzes of type GREENSPECTOR App Scan.

The measures of performance and efficiency on the iPhone complement those on Android. Your applications and your websites benefit from a maximum coverage, representative of the uses of your users, no matter what the underlying technology.

So you can now ensure the quality of user experience across all your mobile devices, under control their performance and efficiency.
Note that because of the restrictions imposed by Apple, all the usual GREENSPECTOR metrics are not yet available. But our teams continue to work to offer you, throughout the versions, analyzes always more pointed on your applications.