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DroidCon Berlin 2018: 5 best practices for mobile fleets efficiency by GREENSPECTOR

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As part of DroidCon Berlin, GREENSPECTOR was Bronze Sponsor of the Android Enterprise Summit and was able to value its feedback on the consideration of good practices in the contect of applications development and the Android smartphones fleets management.

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Get in touch with us at Orange’s Lab at Viva Technology 2018

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Greenspector will be present at Viva Technology 2018 event on May 24 in the Orange Innovation Lab?

We are proud to have been selected by Orange, partner of the event. With more than 80,000 participants, 8,000 startups and 103 countries represented, Viva Technology is the go-to date for digital innovation for startups and investors. The Orange Lab is part of the DNA of the event, it’s a place of sharing, innovation and meetings between industries and startups. An opportunity for us to introduce our innovative solution dedicated to mobile applications’s efficiency and its perks in terms of performance, device battery life and user experience.

“Thierry LEBOUCQ, Président de GREENSPECTOR”
After winning the Business France Orange Award at Mobile World Congress 18, it’s a pride to be chosen again by Orange to represent the “energy efficiency” dimension of digital services during this second edition of VivaTech. Several collaborations allowed the teams to work together on mobile projects and IoT. In 2015-2016, a collaboration in R & D enabled us to describe a methodological guide on Software Life Cycle Analysis based on a use case in the smartHome. Since then, our partnership work has focused on mobile projects with high business value. Integrating control and improved resource consumption into projects becomes a competitive advantage for Orange. And by integrating this dimension and Greenspector into its tooling,…Orange goes green !

Come and meet us at Orange’s Lab (Stand J09-047) the 24th of May, we will answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us now and schedule an appointment.

GREENSPECTOR, winner “CleanTech Open France” 2017 in the Digital & IoT category

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The french company GREENSPECTOR from Nantes has won the “CleanTech Open France” prize 2017 edition in the Digital & IoT category.

The CleanTech Open, founded by Ecosys Group animates the French and European ecosystem of cleantech for accelerate the marketing and industrialization of solutions contributing to climate change. Each year a competition is organized for eco-innovative startups and SMEs to showcase the best French startups in the field of cleantech.

After presenting the project of our digital mobility efficiency solution, in the framework of a semi-final and then a final in Paris in front of a technical experts and investors jury, the development project integrating the GREENSPECTOR solution has been declared winner of this edition.

“Thierry LEBOUCQ, GREENSPECTOR’s president”
Our solution GREENSPECTOR answers to both the ecological challenges of companies that develop digital services but also and, this is what we have highlighted, to strong economic stakes. The reduction of the consumption of resources, especially for mobile services, responds to an increase of battery life: extending the life of a mobile fleet by 1 year represents a substantial saving for fleets thousands of devices. More generally, a more frugal mobile digital service will provide a better response in terms of usage performance in constrained environment conditions (poor quality network, a less powerful device, complex access to an electrical resource). Companies that publish services and contents Major publics are starting to get closer to GREENSPECTOR because they are looking to provide themselves to guarantee a lower consumption of energy so that their applications are not notified by the manufacturers, to propose an efficient service but also for reasons of referencing their content according to Google’s algorithms.
This prize rewards the passage of an R&D project from our solution, which has already been rewarded, to the realization of its interest in the market for a little over 2 years. It consolidates our positioning of an eco-responsible digital, for which the lever of the “ecological defense”, should not remain the only stake for the companies. It also shows that we have reached a milestone and that we are now ready to widely deploy the solution in partner offers and in SaaS mode.

GREENSPECTOR is Business France’s favourite at Mobile World Congress 2018

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GREENSPECTOR, a French company originated from Nantes is rewarded for its solution which improves the efficiency and performance of mobile services. It has being elected as jury’s favourite of theBusiness France – Orange Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2018 held in Barcelona.

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