ChangeNOW2020: Ranking of the energy consumption of partners websites

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On the occasion of Change Now 2020 which takes place in Paris (Grand Palais) from January 30 to February 1, GREENSPECTOR measured the energy consumption (mWh) of the main partners websites.

With 10% of the worldwide energy consumption and 4% of the global carbon footprint, digital keeps consuming more and more every year. How to change “now” the digital environmental footprint on the designer side of applications. The first step is the consumption measurement (energy, data, eqCO2, …) and the comparison to find out. There are lots of levers for action and improvement on corporate websites.

Energy consumption ranking (mWh) of Change Now partners websites

Measurement made on a Samsung S7 smartphone (Android 8).

For the Summit partners, the energy impact of reading a page on a mobile device varies greatly with a ratio of 1 to 6 between all the websites. The actions are to be adapted according to the websites but the main findings are in particular sites that are too greedy and unsuitable for data, scripts, requests. Without mentioning the ecological impact, such websites shut out all users with a low tech device or a degraded network connection. Regarding the carbon impact, the most consuming home page of the panel is equivalent to an average car driving for 80 meters.

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