EcoBuild: Successful eco-design, guaranteed results

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Ecobuild: successful eco-design, guaranteed results

From design to production, measure and manage your project.


  • The eco-design of a web service or a mobile application is a team effort: designer, designer, developer… everyone contributes.
  • Even if your team is trained on the subject, there is still a key question: how do you know if the result is worth the effort?
  • There is only one solution: measure the software’s resource consumption as early as possible, ideally at each sprint. This way you can monitor the carbon impact of your application as you go along and adjust your aim to be sure of the final result.

How does it work?

If you don’t have a Greenspector licence, our consultants will support you in two necessary and complementary areas:

  • Design and architecture magazines: to anticipate and guide.
  • Creation/sharing of a good practice repository contextualised to the project
  • Measuring the results in each project sprint to see and improve.

Thus, at each sprint, you have the keys to direct the project towards its target. A final evaluation validates the result and delivers our Digital Sobriety Certificate.

Next step: integrate Greenspector’s approach and tools into your digital factory