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GREENSPECTOR is a French company, created in 2010, specializing in the energy-resource efficiency and performance of digital services. The credibility of its expertise and its solutions is based on several research projects which have made it possible to develop robust and recognized tools to measure, analyze and improve the energy and resources consumption of mobile, web and IoT applications.

  • Company founded in 2010
  • Offices based in Nantes

  • 10+ team members
  • Unique expertise


GREENSPECTOR participated in collaborative projects on Greens Code Patterns (Green Code project), on the energy label (WebEnergieArchive project) contributing to the first web eco-design label (Green Code Label) carried by the Green Code Lab, on reduction environmental impacts of the video (CONVINcE project). GREENSPECTOR contributed within the framework of the ECL project to define a LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) type evaluation methodology for software in partnership with Orange.

GREENSPECTOR is also the winner of the ADEME PERFECTO 2 call for projects on software ecodesign. This label was awarded as part of a consortium project with SNCF, STIMIO and EVEA Conseil and relates to the environmental impact of connected objects in use (Green Lab For IoT Project).

Since 2016, GREENSPECTOR has demonstrated its solutions equipped to serve large French accounts on digital products among the most demanding, internal or public, operated by clients in continuous integration or operated by GREENSPECTOR associated with the expertise of its consultants.

Our ambition

GREENSPECTOR responds to the ecological challenges of digital technology and provides solutions to make digital businesses more sober, ecological, inclusive, efficient and discreet. We allow internal applications to gain total acquisition costs (fleet lifespan, less demand on infra-network and servers, battery maintenance on deployed objects) for better operational performance (response time, autonomy of a mobile service) and for performance requirements constrained on open services (site, applications of the stores) for which the network and the user device are not controlled and can disturb the user experience.

Our values

Aware of asking everyone to make an effort to change the world, we are committed to respecting the following values in our daily activities and beyond our products:

Sustainable development

Just as humanity must pursue a reasoned development of its activities. software must also make its revolution by integrating the principles of sustainability and efficiency for a sustainable or responsible digital – Green IT.


The resource is not infinitely extensible, we must do more with less. The search for the efficiency of the software in relation to the hardware is thus key to allow sustainability and the reduction of resource requirements.


The company has a duty to act on a daily basis to instill / support the change in our habits. The digital world has its limits, the company can act within the framework of its actions in connection with the general policy of the company in term of CSR to integrate Green IT actions in particular on the software.

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“We believe in software ecodesign”


Our team is grouped around three key managers

Board of advisors

Management relies on a strategic committee composed of: