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About Greenspector

Our mission:

Greenspector is a company with a mission dedicated to the eco-responsible digital transformation of organizations.

Created in 2010, Greenspector is a French responsible digital pioneer. Greenspector responds to the ecological challenges of digital technology and provides solutions to make digital companies more sober, ecological, inclusive and efficient.

Our jobs

For more than 10 years, Greenspector has been developing expertise and solutions for measuring and analyzing energy-resource consumption and projecting the environmental impacts of the web, mobile and IoT application assets.

  • Through our SaaS software tools and expert services, we put our technological innovations at the service of professionals.
  • They allow the control of the environmental impacts of mobile applications and websites, the improvement of application performance and the user experience.
  • Within the company’s IS, the fleets of smartphones and connected objects, better purchased and better managed, see their lifespan extended, which reduces the costs of ownership at the same time as the environmental impacts.

Our history

  • Greenspector has built its solutions and its expertise on numerous research projects and has thus participated in collaborative projects. We participated in Green Code Patterns as the bearer of the Green Code project; on the energy label for websites, WebEnergieArchive project, contributing to the first web eco-design label (Green Code Label) carried by the Green Code Lab, on the reduction of environmental impacts of video, CONVINcE project. Greenspector contributed within the framework of the ECL project to define an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) type evaluation methodology for software in partnership with Orange. Finally, Greenspector is the leader of the GREENLAB4IOT project, winner of the PERFECTO from ADEME with the development of a measurement framework for connected objects.
  • Since 2016, Greenspector has demonstrated its solutions equipped to serve major French clients on some of the most demanding digital products, whether internal or public, operated by customers integrating continuously or managed by Greenspector with the expertise of its consultants.

Our values

Conscious of asking everyone to make an effort to change the world, we are committed to respecting the following values in our daily activities and beyond our products:

Our approach to reducing environmental impacts

We are committed to respecting in our daily activities an approach of ecological and societal responsibility.

Management – awareness

  • The production of an annual carbon footprint of the company.
  • Awareness workshops for sustainable development and digital sobriety.

Buying :

  • Purchasing mostly second-hand IT equipment as a priority or adhering to eco-responsibility labels (Epeat, etc.).
  • Extending the life of any hardware purchased.

Offices :

  • The rental of our professional premises in a low-energy building.


  • Working remotely occasionally or permanently.
  • 100% reimbursement of the public transport subscription card for commuting.
  • Reducing our travel-related impacts in the context of business trips by offering videoconference meetings or soft transport trips as much as possible.

Uses :

  • A system for sorting, collecting, and recycling waste within the office.
  • The configuration of equipment (computers, smartphones on standby or off outside working hours).
  • A paper printing and recycling policy to combat waste.

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Our team

The Greenspector team is made up of passionate experts dedicated to responsible digital technology and a team of young and enthusiastic young people.

Join Greenspector and be part of a positive impact adventure!

It’s a daily pleasure to work for a company that’s working for a better and more engaged digital world. Greenspector has made me aware of the importance of the impact of digital technology on our society.
Digital Marketing Manager
Joined the team in 2022

Join the Greenspector family!

The adventure began in 2016 for me. I enjoy working within a caring team, on technically advanced and innovative subjects that are related to my ecological sensitivity.
Scrum Master
Joined the team in 2016

Above all, good humour and positivity!

Greenspector has allowed me to develop my skills in digital eco-responsibility. Software eco-design no longer holds any secrets for me! Greenspector is a great place to work. Our goal is to make everyone happy.
Lead Dev
Joined the team in 2015

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