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Ours partners

Our network of partners will support you in all your responsible digital projects. Do not hesitate to contact them on our behalf, they will give you the best welcome. Or ask us to put you in touch with the one that best suits your needs, we will do so with pleasure.

Our Expert Partners

They can assist you in auditing mobile applications or websites, issuing the Greenspector Digital Sobriety Certificate, monitoring your progress action plans… They are technical experts in their field, and our certification programme guarantees their skills in the use of Greenspector tools and associated methodologies.

inside|app is a technology agency specialising in mobile apps and technologies.
inside|app helps its clients improve the technical, economic and energy performance of their mobile apps by acting on their technical devices.

Consulting & Training Partner

Oxiane Institut, a training organisation for digital professionals, belongs to the Clever Age Group, a digital architecture and consultancy firm since 2001.
The organisation was born out of a passion for the web and a desire to share best practice and feedback on digital uses an technologies. The Oxiane Institut team is made up of a community of recognised specialists:

  • Expertise in the field and an in-depth understanding of their business,
  • Listening, availability and friendliness,
  • Strong contribution to the evolution of technologies and promotion through the writing of books, blogs, OSS contributions, certifications, training, etc.

Our network of specialists to meet all your needs

Does your need go beyond the skills of Greenspector and its partners?
We work closely with competent specialists who can work alongside us to meet all your needs.

This ecosystem is being built and is open to other players for whom the values of professionalism, sobriety and digital ecology in their services, projects or products are strong.

Easyvirt is the publisher of a solution for monitoring resource consumption in the datacenter, enabling resources to be measured at the virtual machine level, analysed and steered towards more efficient use.

Greenspector works in partnership with Easyvirt on resource-energy impact measurement missions to measure the environmental impact of servers, networks and client workstations of organisations’ digital services.

EcoBranding specialises in eco-branding of brands, taking the process from company symbol to digital/print implementation aligned for design, colour, typeface, and usability.

Greenspector works in partnership with Ecobranding to validate design choices on concrete use cases by measuring consumption and to pilot the eco-design metrics of the digital service during implementation.

OctoPerf is a robust performance testing platform that revolutionises load testing for web and mobile applications. Leveraging the core capabilities of JMeter, it offers an intuitive interface, making it easy to create, manage and run tests. OctoPerf promotes teamwork with its unlimited concurrent testing feature and meets all testing needs with flexible pricing models. OctoPerf is the ideal solution for companies looking for a comprehensive, collaborative and cost-effective performance testing tool.