GREENSPECTOR App Mark, first brand new indicator of mobile applications efficiency

Reading Time: 2 minutes

GREENSPECTOR launches the first efficiency indicator for mobile applications: the GREENSPECTOR App Mark. This indicator reflects the quality of an application to be efficient, sober, inclusive, respectful and ecological. These 5 axes are based on 100 technical tests measured in the laboratory on real smartphones and the recovery of data from the store.

Each application of the observatory (1000 first applications measured among 39 categories) is automatically measured with each new version published in the store. We can imagine that this data is used on application blinds allowing users to know the rating of an application before downloading.

This new indicator brings “a new look at the user experience” and compares both in time and in its category. It should be enriched in the coming months with new applications as well as new measurement data. The first version of these indicators is for the moment only available on Android.

The release of the GREENSPECTOR App Mark comes with a study, the “Playstore Efficiency Report 2019” to describe the major mobile application consumption trends for 2019 on the 5 key success axes: Performance, Sobriety, Inclusion, Discretion and Ecology as well as categories of the store.

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