GREENSPECTOR awarded as part of the CONVINcE project by CelticPlus!

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As part of the CONVINcE project, GREENSPECTOR received the price “Celtic-plus Excellence Award for Multimedia” alongside Orange, Harmonic France, CEA List, Institute of Telecom Mines, Sony Mobile Communication…

CONVINcE is a European project funded by CelticPlus and active from 2014 to 2017. The aim of this project is to study the entire IP video broadcasting chain, which is an important part of the current use of the Internet. From the server transmitting the video to the terminal displaying it, in order to identify and test levers for improving energy consumption.

The tracks explored included codecs, communication protocols, network architecture and routing, and so on. In this project, GREENSPECTOR was mainly involved in the energy measurement, both on mobile terminals and core network servers.