GREENSPECTOR integrates Crosscall brand into its Power Test Cloud

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Two new CrossCall smartphones are available on the GREENSPECTOR Power Test Cloud.

Crosscall is a French mobile phone brand created in 2009 by Cyril VIDAL. It specializes in the design of mobiles and smartphones for intensive outdoor use. Waterproof, durable and renowned with great autonomy, they are intended for exposure to hostile and / or unpredictable environments. The brand has also carved out a place of choice in the world of B2B integrating the sectors of construction, energy, industry, environment …

The GREENSPECTOR Power Test Cloud is a set of devices dedicated to GREENSPECTOR users. It’s composed exclusively of smartphones and real tablets (no emulators), whose configuration and environment are carefully controlled – starting with their battery level. It provides reliable and repeatable results when testing the performance and efficiency of mobile applications.

For the first time, thanks to cooperation with Crosscall, GREENSPECTOR users have access to devices in this range. Digital teams (Product Owners, developers, testers, QA teams, etc.) can thus check the behavior of their mobile applications on these latest generation robust devices.

The new devices integrated in the test bench are as follows :

  • Crosscall Trekker-X4 (Android 8.1.0)
  • Croscall Core-X3 (Android 8.1.0)