Label Program: Evaluate applications and lead a progress approach

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Evaluate applications and lead a progress approach with Label Program

An overview of the sobriety and performance of your application landscape

Label Program

  • Your internal/external Android iOS and web applications
  • Evaluated, rated, and certified
  • To identify applications that need to progress as a priority
  • Valuing progress, highlighting Excellence
  • Running the process internally overtime on a wide range of applications
  • Communicate on this commitment

Got a single app to review?
App Scan is made for you!

How does it work?

A Sobriety Expertise Center at your service

  • We define together the application scope and expected service levels
  • When they wish, your project teams entrust us with the evaluation of their application
  • We carry out an App Scan measurement campaign and deliver our findings and recommendations
  • You focus on steering your progress approach


Next step: integrate the Greenspector approach and tools at the heart of your digital factory