Nantes Digital Week 2022: Ranking of the digital sobriety of partners’ and visitors’ websites

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Last month we were present at the Nantes Digital Week. We participated in several conferences and workshops on the theme of responsible digital. It was an opportunity to meet many digital actors but also many visitors curious to know more about this vast subject.

On Thursday 22 October we ran the workshop “Hosting, measuring and designing virtuous websites” together with DRI and Webofacto. In this context, we measured the websites of several visitors and partners of the event.

The ranking in detail

The average carbon impact of one minute of navigation for these 98 partners is 0.45 gEqCO2, which is the equivalent of driving 2 metres in a petrol-driven car. Only 8 sites are above this average, which shows a good trend. The most sober website in this ranking (the CIC site, 0.19 gEqCO2) has 7.8 times less impact than the least sober site (Saint-Nazaire Tourisme, 1.5 gEqCO2).

The average power consumption (mAh) is 3.7 mAh and on average 9.01 MB of data is exchanged. In terms of web requests, the average is 73.

RankNameecoscoreCarbon Impact (gEqCO2)requestsEnergy (mAh)Data (Mo)Memory (Mo)Water footprint (Litres)Surface footprint (m2)
2Le Blog du Modérateur840,2183,571,06605,540,030,40
3La Cantine800,22383,21,34570,440,030,37
4Banque des territoires730,22512,921,31669,140,030,35
7Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne620,27483,91,91757,640,040,45
8BNP Paribas720,28773,122,11669,860,040,39
15PALO IT610,39873,85,04708,840,050,47
16Université de Nantes710,4613,468,16650,390,050,42
18La Box Loire Atlantique630,47913,748,63650,420,060,47
19Radio Prun'500,48443,5612,92712,560,050,43
20Maison Europe580,5514948,09695,450,070,53
21Isefac Bachelor410,61813,828,4915,640,070,53
23Tele Nantes480,81463,4321,39821,120,080,48
24Groupe Onepoint571,11843,3640,15744,130,100,47
25Saint Nazaire Tourisme471,5704,1658,42761,910,130,57

For each of these websites and applications measured on a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, the measurements were carried out using our Greenspector Benchmark Runner tool, which enables automated testing.

  • Loading the application
  • Reading the website in the foreground
  • Reading the page with scroll
  • Website inactive in background

Each measurement is the average of 3 homogeneous measurements (with a low standard deviation). The consumption measured on the smartphone connected to a wifi network may be different when the smartphone is connected to a wired network. For each iteration, the cache is emptied beforehand.

Find out how Greenspector assesses the environmental footprint of a digital service.