Business mobility solutions

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Fleets and business applications – Android

Imagine that you could

  • Know the autonomy of a device before buying it
  • Improve your applications response time in the field
  • Identify the causes of malfunctions before deploying
  • Set up a progress approach combining hardware and software


App Scan

A measurement campaign with no impact on your teams

  • You describe to us the user journeys of your web or mobile applications
  • We are preparing automated test scripts to run this journey as one of your users
  • We run the automated tests several times and measure in real conditions (devices and networks of our dedicated test benches) the consumption of resources (energy, memory, data) and response times
  • We present to you a measurement report, the analysis of the findings and our recommendations


Fleet Selection

Multi-criteria comparison of devices

  • Implementing your business applications
  • Or standardized profiles
  • In your terms of use
  • Network connections (Wi-Fi, GSM)
  • With any accessories (Bluetooth, NFC, GPS …)
  • Made by our independent laboratory


Fleet Scan

360 ° diagnosis of your business solution

  • We define together the scope of analysis (applications, device models, network conditions, etc.)
  • Our consultants prepare automated tests on your users’ business paths and run them under conditions representative of your situation on-site or in the lab
  • We present to you our measurement report, the malfunction findings, and our associated recommendations


Enterprise Solutions

Integrate efficiency at the heart of the digital factory

  • We define together the deployment project
  • Adaptation of your processes and methods
  • Training and skills maintenance system
  • Choice of architecture, technologies, security
  • Installation, training and coaching
  • Your teams are autonomous to use the tool from design to delivery



Battery Observer

Replace your batteries at the right time

Detection of battery replacement needs

  • Light and non-intrusive monitoring solution
  • Experts GREENSPECTOR Algorithms
  • Device replacement alert
  • Statistical analysis of the fleet (detection of defective lots)


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