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Imagine that you could

  • Easily collect complex data
  • Do it once or continuously with your dashboard
  • Identify the least sober applications to prioritize your actions

Measure the environmental footprint of your applications

The environmental impact of digital technology is exploding and becoming a major issue to assess and improve. The Shift Project evaluated in its report on digital sobriety, the carbon impact of the digital world at 9% of GHGs in 2025, the equivalent of the global impact of light vehicles. At all levels, user and designer, we can act to reduce this impact. On the business side, how to integrate a sobriety approach from the design phase of digital web, mobile, connected objects, etc. services? How to measure, pilot, animate this approach?

  • Front side: we measure the consumption of your mobile applications and websites via GREENSPECTOR App Scan and project this data according to volumes and contexts of access to your applications.
  • Back side: We use the EasyVirt DCSCOPE solution to measure the electricity consumption of your applications in the data center and project this data in coherence with the consumption on the front side.
  • The network and data center part can be determined by estimation (abacuses) according to their nature.
  • You get the overall impact of your applications in kWh, in MB of data and in environmental impact, carbon impact (eqCO2), in water impact.

Visual of EqCO2 impact per minute of consultation of a web application:

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