Petit Bamboo vs Meditopia

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For this special stay-at-home battle, two online meditation apps will oppose: Petit Bamboo vs Meditopia.

In the left corner Petit Bamboo, application created in 2014 which has more than 5 million active users and which is also a French leader app in meditation. The app is also available in German or Spanish.

In the right corner Meditopia, a French meditation and mental well-being application with more than 3 million users worldwide. The company was created in 2017 and claims to be the best French meditation application.

The weighting

At weighing Meditopia is the heavier application with a weight of 61,7 MB. Its opponent Petit Bamboo is lighter with a weight of 51,3 MB, or 17% less.

The fight

All the lights are now turned on the fighters and the match can finally begin.

In the first part of the battle to measure the impact of the launch phase of the application,  Petit Bamboo (2,5 mAh) wins the first round by consuming 34% less than his opponent Meditopia (3,8 mAh). In the second round that corresponds to the use scenario,  Petit Bamboo (6,1 mAh) still leads to Meditopia (7,6 mAh) with a 20% lower consumption. To end this confrontation, we have set up two decisive rounds of observation of the rest phases of each opponent.  Petit Bamboo is still the leader of the battle with a consumption of less than 23% for the background inactivity phase and 3% for the foreground inactivity phase.

The bell rings, end of the match!

The winner

The Petit Bamboo application won this match with an overall score of 11.4 mAh to 14.8 mAh, or 23% less battery consumption compared to its opponent Meditopia. If we project the journey for one minute in carbon impact, the Petit Bamboo application consumes 0.11 gEqCO2 or the equivalent of 1 meter made in a light vehicle against 3.82 gEqCO2 for Meditopia, or the equivalent of 34 meters.

However, the two applications are different in regard to the data management. Indeed, Petit Bamboo forces downloading programs for listening while Meditopia does not. Thus, Meditopia consumes 36.5 MB of data during the user scenario, where Petit Bamboo consumes only 222 KB. When downloading programs on the Petit Bamboo side, the storage space suffers.

The choice is difficult: if your priority is to consume less battery, opt for Petit Bamboo application especially if you are one of the users who have an expensive data plan or a bad network connection. Prefer Meditopia if your storage space is precious to you.

For those who like numbers

ApplicationVersionDownloadsPlaystore gradeApp weight (MB)Exchanged data scenario (MB)Memory consumption scenario (MB)Energy consumption (mAh)
Petit Bamboo3.7.51 000 000+4.751.30.22230311.4
Meditopia3.10.41 000 000+4.561.736.556914.8

On a 1-minute usage scenario, Meditopia has a consumption equivalent to that of a video games app such as Clash of Clan. As for Petit Bamboo, its consumption is similar to a social app app such as Snapchat. (Source: Study Consumption of top 30 most popular mobile applications)

The measurements were carried out by our laboratory on the basis of a standardized protocol, respecting a specific user scenario (launch of the app, first meditation program). The other scenarios are the launch of the application (20”), inactivity in the foreground (20”) and inactivity in the background (20”). This methodology makes it possible to estimate the embedded application complexity and its energy impact during the use phase.

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