The efficiency of your apps, now.

Dashboard, metrics, recommendations

Applications and websites benchmark

Performance and ressources budget management

API for integration into your UIAutomator, Espresso, Xamarin tests

Test on the reals devices from the Power Test Cloud

Test on your local device

Measurement during manual tests with the Free Runner

Continuous integration features (plug-in Jenkins, CLI)

Supported OS: Android

Architecture: shared cloud

2 hours of test

4 actives applications

1 user

Support : Included Helpdesk



Advanced features. Adapted to your needs.

Version Team +

Multi-users management

Architecture choice (Dedicated Cloud, Private Cloud, On Premises, Integral)

Choice of network connectivity (Wi-fi, GSM) for tests

Advanced test including without Wi-Fi network

Additional security options

10 hours of test

Unlimited applications

Unlimited users

Support : Customizable Helpdesk

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At Greenspector we only count really useful testing time. This means that app installation times and cleanup times on the devices are not counted! What you pay for is your actual testing time. Testing time is counted by the minute. You can check your current consumption in the “Testing times” menu.

If you use more testing time than your plan allows, extra minutes will be automatically charged at the end of the month. This is meant to let you test as much as you want.

Testing time refreshes each month on the 1st day of the month. Unused minutes do not roll over. The 1st month of your subscription you will benefit from a full testing time allowance, whatever day you subscribe on.

All monthly plans are automatically billed monthly and charged on your bank account. The invoice will be sent to you by email the same day. You may ask to cancel your monthly plan at any time. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the ongoing month. Annual plans are invoiced annually in advance. They can not be cancelled nor refunded.

Contact us! We have plans adapted to your situation.

An Application is the logical unit that you manage in Greenspector, and for which you may obtain a Benchmark result. It’s often an APK. Only active Applications are counted. You may archive an Application at any time, which makes it inactive and frees an Active Application slot

Public plans have their limitations. If you wish to enhance your testing process, benefit from enterprise-grade features, please contact us.