About GREENSPECTOR tool solution

GREENSPECTOR is a powerful software ecodesign solution for developers. With a unique set of green rules for energy-oriented code analysis, a cross-platform measurement capacity and a test bench, GREENSPECTOR makes the everlasting quest of resources efficiency easier.

Significant savings can be claimed on mobile devices, back-office softwares, IoT apps…

Monitoring tool

The dashboard allows you to understand, at a glance, the level of eco-design of your application portfolio, as well as understand the trajectory over time of all web applications, mobile, backoffice… For each application, you get the synthesis of all measurement indicators and audit in a very visual way which then leads to analyses and finer measurements.


Measure tool

The dynamic measurement tool allows you to see consumption measurements thanks to sensors on mobile, tablet, PC, server, virtual machine. Consumption rising on many indicators such as energy, the CPU, RAM, data volume,… is visually analyzed on graphs or data tables and allows you to: detect excessive consumption of a given use case to establish the consumption of budgets on a functional scenario and see gains after refactoring.


Analysis tool

The analysis tool allows you to audit the static code and delve into overconsumption measuring points recorded in dynamic measurement. It reveals violations of "Green" coding practices in most programming languages. An estimate of earnings and expenses associated with a correction establishes action plans to improve the code. The developer can then correct the good practices violations directly in his/her development interface (IDE).



The rule repository documents all good practices previously measured integrally in our measure Lab. The information gains and correction complexity are updated regularly based on the evolution of technology platforms and languages and analytical contexts. Each rule specifies the object of the problem, provides a generic solution as well as example implementations to assist the developer in his/her correction.


Easily integrated into your existing development environments


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Continuous integration

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Test integration tools

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