A unique solution for apps performance

Integrated in your usual tests

Add a call to the GREENSPECTOR API in your test scripts. Launch them manually or from your continuous integration plateform.

Detect issues before your users do

GREENSPECTOR is a tool intended for development and validation teams. Do not wait until your app is in production.

A new KPI for your projects

Integrate a new dimension into your project management indicator both in build and in run.

Reliable, easy measures

Run your tests on our exclusive Power Test Cloud devices or on your local smartphone. Switch network connectivity and observe results.

Your tests in the cloud on real mobile devices

Automate continuous power measurement

Remote testing on our POWER TEST CLOUD allows you to control your resources and energy consumptions on real devices.
Also available in Private Cloud and On Premises.

Give it a try

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How does it work?

Integrate GREENSPECTOR API’s in your tests, provide efficiency and performance goals.

We’re integrated in any continuous integration platform, Launch your tests thanks to its command-line interface (CLI) and/or its Jenkins plugin.

View the results: test technical of functional hypotheses, benchmark & track evolutions of a version, diagnose performance or consumption issues and get notified when overconsuming.