Battery Observer: Reduce your operating costs while preserving the planet

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Reduce your operating costs while preserving the planet with Battery Observer

Finally a predictive battery maintenance solution for your terminal fleets

Battery Observer

  • Lightweight and non-intrusive monitoring solution
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Individual alerts and statistical analysis of the fleet (detection of defective batches)
  • Extend the life of your fleets at a lower cost
  • Improve user satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce your environmental impacts

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This innovative tool allows:

  • Monitor the health of the batteries
  • Identify precisely those that need to be replaced and not prematurely replace “healthy” batteries

How does it work?

  • You deploy a GBO agent on your mobile devices
  • System metrics are collected and analyzed by our exclusive algorithms
  • You know which battery to replace and when

The solution is based on two components:

  • An application deployed on terminals
  • A server where data is stored and analyzed

Next step: integrate the Greenspector approach and tools at the heart of your digital factory