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2019 Playstore Efficiency Report

Greenspector unveils a barometer of the main trends in mobile applications consumption from the Google Play Store. Performance, Sobriety, Inclusion, more than 1000 applications were measured.

Energy consumption of the 30 most popular mobile apps in the world

As part of VivaTech 2019, with our partner ATOS, Greenspector performs a benchmark of energy-resource consumption of the 30 most popular applications.

Our latest testimonies

“At Solocal, we are committed to providing the best experience to our users. We are convinced that the development of high-performance, fluid, and energy-efficient applications are the answer. By integrating performance and energy consumption measures as early as possible in our development cycles, we continuously control the impact of each modification.”

Nicolas DURAND
Mobile Engineering Manager So’Local
“With Greenspector, we were able to build a diagnosis around several points: the network grip, the battery life, the robustness, the fluidity of the operating system, the battery consumption of the applications, and all that put end to end, gave us a technical note. This rating allowed us to select the best phones among those we had anticipated.”
Project Manager SNCF Mobiliz
“ATOS has developed an Android application for a large public order supplier for which Greenspector has identified potential energy savings. This has the effect of increasing the autonomy of the phone on which this application works and going from 3 hours of autonomy to 11 hours with equivalent functionality.”

Smart Mobility Officer ATOS