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  • Palmarès Applications Transports urbains

    Urban transports applications ranking (2018)

    This white book presents the smartphone's battery life impacts of the energy consumption of French urban transport applications

    Language : French

  • Palmarès Applications M-Commerce Mode

    Fashion M-Commerce ranking (2018)

    Can we fill our dressing room without emptying our battery? There are real quality differences between applications. Some consume up to 3 times more battery than others, for the same user scenario. Discover our complete list of 16 Fashion M-Commerce applications among the most used in France

    Language : French - Soon available in English

  • Palmarès Applications Réservation d'hôtels

    Hotel reservation - M-Tourisme ranking (2018)

    To book my vacation, I want efficiency! We have chosen to study 10 comparison and hotel reservation applications that are representative of the M-Tourisme uses of French users.

    Language: French - English

  • Palmarès Applications Presse d'Information

    Informative Press Apps ranking (2018)

    Which powerful and light press applications do I need to use if I don't want to miss the news? We chose to study 16 press applications press among the most visited daily in France

    Language: French - Soon available in English


| Our customers success

  • Arkea
    ARKEA: A lighter banking application
  • Tan
    ATOS: More battery life on the field
  • Grand débat
    NANTES METROPOLE: A website labeled for its ecodesign

| Customers testimonies

    • Smart Mobility Manager
    • Atos
    ATOS has developed an Android app for a large public payer for which Greenspector identified potential energy gains. This has the consequence of increasing the autonomy of the phone that is running the application, plus te autonomy went from 3 H to 11 H autonomy equivalent functionalities.
    • COSMO project Technical Director
    • SNCF
    GREENSPECTOR has focused precisely on the applications consumption points in various usage configurations and has proposed ways to improve and save energy. This allowed us to choose the terminal best suited to the actual needs of the onboard chief.
    • Mobile Engineering Manager
    • Pages Jaunes
    At Solocal, we are committed to providing the best experience to our users. We are convinced that this requires the development of high-performance, fast-moving and energy-efficient applications. These constraints are paradoxically contrary to our desire to offer more and more features to our users. By integrating performance and energy consumption measures at the earliest in our development cycles, we continuously monitor the impact of each change. In this sense, Greenspector helps us to think differently about how we develop and change the culture of our developers.

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| White books

  • Greenspector efficiency

    WHITE PAPER: Improving the efficiency and performance of an Android system application

    The GREENSPECTOR team has been asked by a customer to help optimizing an Android core application. The final goal was to either reduce the energy consumption of the app, or improve its performance, or both. The team has succeeded in a very short time frame, and above all they have shown that it was possible to go way further.

    Language: English

    Author: Olivier PHILIPPOT

  • Greenspector efficiency

    WHITE PAPER: Methodological guide to software LCA

    Issues and objectives of a LCA (Software Life Cycle Analysis), specificities according to the products and evaluation of the relevant indicators. Also includes a real case study on an Orange app

    Languages: English & French

    Authors: Elisabeth DECHENAUX, Thierry LEBOUCQ, Olivier PHILIPPOT, Marc VAUTIER


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