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    • Smart Mobility Manager
    • Atos
    ATOS has developed an Android app for a large public payer for which Greenspector identified potential energy gains. This has the consequence of increasing the autonomy of the phone that is running the application, plus te autonomy went from 3 H to 11 H autonomy equivalent functionalities.
    • Directeur Centre de Solutions Siège et Supports de la DSI centrale du Groupe
    • La Poste
    The HR project we have worked on with Greenspector allowed us to get energy gains on the server going up to 85% for some scenarios. This application will be deployed for 140 000 people !

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  • Greenspector efficiency

    WHITE BOOK: Improving the efficiency and performance of an AOSP core application

    The GREENSPECTOR team has been asked by a customer to help optimizing an Android core application. The final goal was to either reduce the energy consumption of the app, or improve its performance, or both. The team has succeeded in a very short time frame, and above all they have shown that it was possible to go way further.

    Language: English

    Author: Olivier PHILIPPOT

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