Jalios Workplace Liberty – Label Program

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Success story

How did Jalios assess the environmental impact of its “Jalios Workplace Liberty” web application?

Jalios Workplace Liberty

The situation

Jalios Workplace is a digital work environment suite (office automation, document management, collaborative space, Visio, instant messaging, etc.) and natively collaborative. The solution comes in 3 editions, including one for MS365, another for Google, and the 3rd, the Liberty edition, which is a sovereign alternative.

“What is the link with digital sobriety? Digital sovereignty is not limited to data hosting. It consists in having control of the entire digital chain, from hardware to software. Digital sobriety is a lever to approach this value chain in an innovative and much more sustainable way.” – Hoang-Anh Phan, Digital Sobriety Project Manager at Jalios

Jalios wanted to verify the carbon impact of using its Jalios Workplace Liberty web application.

Jalios Workplace Liberty

The Challenge

The environmental impact of IT is far from trivial: pollution of water, soil, and atmosphere during the upstream and downstream phases of the equipment life cycle, greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle (currently 3 to 4% of global emissions, and growing rapidly)…

From the seemingly innocuous gesture of the user on the smartphone to the data centres of the service provider, via network equipment, mobile applications and websites contribute to these environmental impacts.

Stakes :

  • Ensure that the eco-design efforts of the web application have been effective
  • Check the environmental impact of the web application

The solution

  • Measurement campaign on smartphones using Greenspector technologies. Automation of user journeys, iterative execution, and measurement, and analysis of metrics (energy, data, etc.) by our consultants.
  • Advice and recommendations for going further in eco-design, based on the measurements.
  • Carbon impact projection according to our complete model.


  • Jalios Workplace Liberty obtains the Greenspector Digital Sobriety Certificate at the “Bronze” level for its web application.
  • The results of the eco-design efforts carried out by the Jalios team have been verified by measurements.
Bronze Level

Hoang-Anh Phan, Directrice Marketing & Marketing & Communication Director and Responsible Digital Project Manager at Jalios

Jalios Testimony

What are the strengths and weaknesses that characterize this level for your offer?
The score of 73/100 on performance shows that our R&D already applies good principles. Regarding mobile data and energy consumption, the lower scores show that we can seek optimizations. It also showed us that we had chosen to optimize hot loading and less cold loading: in fact, our users very often return to their Digital Workplace where all the communication information, collaborative tools, and access to other business applications.

Can you quote a subject from your action plan to reduce the environmental impact of your Digital Workplace offer?
Among the areas for improvement suggested by Greenspector following the measures, we have planned to look in more detail at network exchanges to limit them in a targeted manner. Images, scripts, etc. We can reduce their size and avoid loading them when it is not useful or only when it becomes useful (lazy loading).

Let’s improve your application’s sobriety!

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