Crédit Mutuel Arkea – App Scan

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Success story

Crédit Mutuel Arkea – App Scan


User Retention

User satisfaction

Securing the quality of the application from all points of view

Good ergonomics and the bugs absence are necessary foran application success. But this is not enough. A good user experience also involves short response times, and absence of overconsumption of resources on the smartphone.

  • Battery consumption is a critical issue for users.
  • Notifications about denunciations by the operating system are catastrophic for the image of the application, therefore for its retention and use.


  • Our consultants detected abnormal battery consumption, including when the application was in the background. The project team quickly confirmed the cause of these malfunctions and was able to remedy them by functional adaptation, in agreement with the Product Manager.
  • The CMB Arkea group then entrusted us with carrying out recurring App Scan diagnostics, to check the performance and efficiency of their flagship application before each release.


App Scan diagnostic performed by our consultants

Targeted and effective corrections by the project team

About the GREENSPECTOR offer

App Scan

Master the user experience in mobility

  • You describe your user journey
  • We measure at each release at the heart of the application (response time in mobility, consumption of resources, technical control points)
  • Restitution presented by our consultants