Leroy Merlin – Fleet Selection

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Success Story

Leroy Merlin – Fleet Selection


Operational Performance

(speed of execution of business gestures, especially in a constrained network)

Quality of service

No recharging during the day even in intensive use

Choose well to control costs

The choice of a smartphone model is a crucial point for the quality of the service, but also for the lifespan – therefore the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the fleet.

The autonomy must be sufficient to support a day of use, with a safety margin to respond to the vagaries of the terrain;

And this now, but also in 500 discharge cycles, when the battery has lost about 30% of its initial capacity.


  • Comparison of the autonomy and performance of the 2 Android terminals
  • Identification of a behavioral anomaly of a third-party SDK, strongly impacting the operation of business applications.


“Fleet Selection” audit of 2 Android models

Measurement campaign in real conditions with MDM and business applications used in stores

About the GREENSPECTOR offer

Fleet Selection

Multi-criteria comparison of devices

  • Implementing your business applications
  • Or standardized profiles
  • In your terms of use
  • Network connections (Wi-Fi, GSM)
  • With any accessories (Bluetooth, NFC, GPS …)
  • Made by our independent laboratory