LVMH – Benchmark

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Success story

LVMH – Benchmark


Group-wide overview

User satisfaction

Evaluate the effectiveness of its application

Benchmarks by Greenspector assess the efficiency, environmental impact and performance of mobile applications and websites.

The detailed findings that emerge allow a brand to learn about its strengths and weaknesses, but also to situate itself in relation to the competition.


  • Positioning of mobile channels compared to the competition
  • Identification of the bonnes pratiques à généraliser dans le Groupe


Laboratory performance and efficiency measures to establish two benchmarks, one for websites and the other for mobile applications.

About the GREENSPECTOR offer

App Mark

Know your app better, compare yourself

  • You give us a list of applications
  • We evaluate these applications from the PlayStore
  • Automatically, with each update
  • According to our benchmark methodology
  • You see the results in your dashboard in SaaS mode