Orange Bank – App Scan

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Orange Bank – App Scan



Reliable indicators to manage the project

Understanding performance faults to correct them properly

  • The response times of an application are crucial for user adhesion and retention. For more than 7 users out of 10, the lack of performance is the first cause of uninstall.
  • A good understanding of the causes of possible problems is necessary to act: front or back? Choice of technology or framework? Your code, or third-party SDKs? …


  • Launch decision based on factual and reliable findings
  • Identification of the root causes of dysfunction, and proposals for remedies
  • Subscription to the GREENSPECTOR App Scan offer to secure future releases and check progress
  • Over the releases, the project team has significantly improved the performance and battery consumption of the application


– App Scan measurement campaign by our consultants, on the critical user journey (enrollment, account consultation, transfer)

– Then in-depth audit with targeted profiling on the faults identified during the App Scan diagnosis

We particularly appreciated the great involvement of the GREENSPECTOR teams as well as the angle of view of the test report which brings a complementary vision to the KPIs that we are used to following

Product Owner Mobile – Orange Bank

About the GREENSPECTOR offer

App Scan

Master the user experience in mobility

  • You describe your user journey
  • We measure at each release at the heart of the application (response time in mobility, consumption of resources, technical control points)
  • Restitution presented by our consultants