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Success story

Orange – App Scan
Measurement of the environmental gain of the “Eco Filter” Instagram filter



Measure the resource consumption on real mobile devices, from publishing to viewing a story, with and without filter in order to quantify the impacts.

Deduce the environmental gain generated by its use

Environmental impact assessment

  • The environmental impact of IT is far from trivial: pollution of water, soil, and the atmosphere during the upstream and downstream phases of the equipment life cycle, greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle (3 to 4% of global emissions currently, and growing rapidly) …
  • A mobile application or a website contributes to these environmental impacts in different ways, from the seemingly innocuous gesture of the user on his smartphone to the service provider’s data centers, including network equipment.


  • As a result of these measures, the EcoFilter filter reduces the environmental impact caused by the publication and viewing of an Instagram story by around 20% on average.
  • Greenspector recommends the use of the EcoFilter filter when posting an Instagram story, for its ability to reduce the environmental impact of this use.


App Scan measurement campaign by our consultants, on the user journey of a publication of a photo and video story with and without filter (measurements of the size and energy of the media, the size of the data exchanged on the influencer side and follower).

– Additional measurements carried out to verify the size of the media under various conditions on Android devices (several models of the Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi, Fairphone) and Apple brands.

“Conclusions that fully meet our expectations”

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Léa Montessuit
Junior Brand Manager – Orange

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