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Success Story

Public actor of internal security – Enterprise Solutions On premises

Our mission :

As part of a project to deploy intelligent services for the internal security forces, the issue of autonomy and operational performance is crucial. This requirement must be treated within the framework of an internal team and within high security constraints. The GREENSPECTOR Enterprise Solutions solution was thus deployed with initial support for the teams to integrate the measurement into the validation process of the applications developed.
In a secure context with backend inaccessible from the outside and secure proprietary OS, an On-premises installation of our solution was implemented allowing measurements and analyzes in a local framework meeting the strong security requirements of the context.


Operational performance

Battery life

Master the performance and battery consumption of the developed applications

Many applications developed internally and through partners. The validation before deployment is key to keep performance in mobility and a good level of autonomy of the smartphone.

The autonomy must be sufficient to meet the requirement of many applications on the ground with a strong constraint of recharging the battery during the intervention days.

The service must continue to be efficient in degraded network conditions and the multiplicity of competing on-board applications.

IS teams must be autonomous to measure / analyze / improve applications


Adoption of GREENSPECTOR Enterprise Solutions and annual renewal.


Provision of a GREENSPECTOR Enterprise Solutions license

Development of a specific probe on secdroid.

About the GREENSPECTOR offer

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