SNCF Réseau – Fleet Scan

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SNCF Réseau – Fleet Scan

Diagnosing business application performance issues


Operational performance

Service quality

Identify the causes of delays, to invest in the right subject

The proper functioning of a mobile IS is based on many factors: mobile terminal, business applications, back-end services, network infrastructures… It is often difficult to know where a problem comes from in the field.

  • The terminal must be adapted to the requirements of the profession, both fast and enduring.
  • A good business application should be as little dependent on the network connection as possible, and generally economical on terminal resources.


  • Measurement of response times throughout the user journey on business tablets
  • Identification of detailed recommendations and avenues for improvement


Fleet Scan measurement campaign on business Android tablets enrolled on their usual MDM

Completed by a code and architecture audit (carried out by our friends at InsideApp)

Profiling focused on the main points to improve

About the GREENSPECTOR offer

Fleet Scan

360 ° diagnosis of your business solution

  • We define together the scope of analysis (applications, device models, network conditions, etc.)
  • Our consultants prepare automated tests on your users’ business paths and run them under conditions representative of your situation on-site or in the lab
  • We present to you our measurement report, the malfunction findings, and our associated recommendations