SNCF Connect&Tech – EN

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Success story

SNCF Connect & Tech – An ambitious redesign of the OUI.SNCF application


A user path to be optimised

Data volumes to be reduced for better use in mobility

An environmental footprint to be reduced

Measuring to understand and improve

Our consultants audited the Android application before it went live. Specific recommendations were made (geolocation management, opening of the app, etc.), leading the SNCF teams to undertake improvement work.

When these runs are executed on real smartphones, our Greenspector software collects all the metrics needed for analysis, including energy consumption.

Two months later, a new measurement made it possible to verify the gains obtained.


  • 19% less CO2 on the TER reservation route
  • 8 seconds faster user experience
  • 300 kb less data per booking
  • 2 Silver level certified applications, for Android and iOS


  • App Scan audit by our consultants, on the ticket reservation process in the SNCF Connect application, in real conditions and on several devices
  • Corrections and improvements by the project team
  • Remesure App Scan to verify gains