SNCF Mobil’iz – Fleet Selection

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Success story

SNCF Mobil’iz – Fleet Selection

Our mission :

The evaluation of the capacities of 6 smartphone models preselected by the SNCF Rolling Personnel IT Department according to 2 essential axes for the quality of service of agents: performance & battery life

Classement final sur 5 critères :
autonomie, puissance, accroche réseau,
Bluetooth, recharge


Operational performance

(speed of execution of business gestures, especially in a constrained network)

Quality service

No recharging during the day even in intensive use

Choose well to control costs

The choice of a smartphone model is a crucial point for the quality of the service, but also for the lifespan – therefore the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the fleet.

The autonomy must be sufficient to support a day of use, with a safety margin to respond to the vagaries of the terrain;

And this now, but also in 500 discharge cycles, when the battery has lost about 30% of its initial capacity.


In addition to the measurements of the different points (see opposite), the study showed:

That any device among the 6 foreseen could be deployed on the ground and give immediate satisfaction;

– But that some offer almost no margin of safety compared to the autonomy requested;

– And especially that the lifespan of the materials varies, according to the models, between 9 months and more than 36 months!

Etimated battery span (month)

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the fleet therefore depends greatly on the choice of aircraft that will be made.


Assessment of 6 devices under conditions as close as possible to future uses in the field: numerous business applications, variable network connections, uses outside the mission, etc.

Our laboratories have carried out more than 6600 measurement points.

Each device is evaluated on 5 rating criteria, the total of which gives a final score out of 100:

– Autonomy
– network hook
– power
– Bluetooth hook
– Charging speed

“GREENSPECTOR allowed us to select the best phones”

“With GREENSPECTOR, we were able to build a diagnosis around several points: the network grip, the battery life, the robustness, the fluidity of the operating system, the battery consumption of the applications, and all that put end to end, gave us a technical note. This rating allowed us to select the best phones among those we had anticipated.”

Chef de Projet SNCF Mobiliz

About the GREENSPECTOR offer

Fleet Selection

Multi-criteria comparison of devices

  • Implementing your business applications
  • Or standardized profiles
  • In your terms of use
  • Network connections (Wi-Fi, GSM)
  • With any accessories (Bluetooth, NFC, GPS …)
  • Made by our independent laboratory