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Vivendi – App Scan


Environmental impact of streaming services

How to estimate the environmental impact of its digital service?

The measurement on a real device allows a finer projection of carbon or material impacts. An evaluation algorithm allows the projection, from energy consumption, of flow data from the user’s smartphone and allows access to an analysis on the entire chain (server, network, user device) in terms of impacts. This calculation is more precise, easy to collect and then allows access to areas for improvement based on the unit measurement (detection of consumption anomalies) to get into action.


  • Consumption measurement according to variable conditions.
  • Calculation of the Compared Carbon Impact of the service for 1 minute of streaming.


“App Scan” diagnosis of the application on its main uses.

On 3 consumption axes (energy, performance, data) and according to different network execution conditions.

Projected measures for an environmental assessment of the service according to the functional unit.

Competitive benchmark of 4 applications in the sector (streaming) on the Sobriety axis.

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App Scan

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