Audit of your applications

Your application is too slow? It consumes too much battery, uses too much space? Users question it's quality? We help you make a diagnosis and offer solutions, by combining our consultants’ expertise and the unique highlight brought by GREENSPECTOR’s measures.


Our consultants’ expertise allows us to accompany you in any mobile application and website related request: performance, efficiency, software factory... Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Benchmark of your applications

How does your application behave compared to your competitors’? Are you concerned by a loss in users, or poor ratings on stores? Efficiency could make a difference. In a fast and factual process, we help you find out what position you are in and better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Help in IT hardware choice

Whenever a fleet of mobile devices needs to be renewed, you cannot get it wrong. Which one is the most field-adapted in terms of battery life? Manufacturers’ claims are just not enough. Our experts precisely assess the battery life of various models in scenarios adapted to your actual professional use, helping you make the right investment choice.

Test automation

The best way to test out an application is to build an automated tests portfolio. These tests can be executed before each release to make sure there is no functional regression... and obviously to monitor the evolution of your application performance and efficiency. We faced a lack of automated tests in plenty teams, and developed a real expertise on this core subject.