The battle of the week: Deezer vs Spotify

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Today we are interested in two streaming music platforms : the pioneer and Swedish leader Spotify and the French Deezer. Audio services have invaded our daily lives and the market share of streaming music is becoming more and more important. While it is sometimes difficult to choose from so many possibilities, we have chosen to study these two actors in order to compare their energy consumption.

In the left corner Deezer, created in 2007, is a french service of streaming music.

In the right corner Spotify, created in 2006, is a swedish service of streaming music, and one of the main competitors of Deezer.

The weighing

At the weighing Spotify is the heaviest application with 115 Mb. It’s opponent Deezer is lighter with 89.5 Mb.

The fight

All the lights are now turned on the fighters and the match can finally begin.

In the first part of the match which consists in measuring the impact of the launch phase of the application, Spotify takes the advantage, consuming 11.6% less than Deezer. The second part aims to search a music in the app and listen to it for a minute. Once again, it is Spotify which dominates its opponent consuming 4.6% less. To end this confrontation, we have set up two decisive rounds of idle observation for each opponent. During the idle background Spotify is consuming 6.25% less, while in the foreground it is Deezer which wins consuming also 6.25% less energy.

The bell rings, end of the match ! Spotify app has been better overall and has won 3 of the 4 rounds of the duel.

The winner

On a unanimous decision, Spotify wins against Deezer on a score of 13.2 mAh to 13.9 mAh, then consuming 5% less energy than its rival.

For those who like numbers

ApplicationVersionDownloadsPlaystore GradeApp weight (MB)Exchanged data (MB)Memory (MB)Energy consumption (mAh)
Deezer6.1.5.104100 000 000+4.189.5246.3204.613.9
Spotify8.5.13.637500 000 000+4.6115148.8179.113.2

On a scenario of listening music during 1 minute, the last version of Spotify is more consuming than the one before. The consumption of Deezer is almost equal to the one of an app like Whatsapp Messenger. (Source: Study Consumption of top 30 most popular mobile applications)

The measurements were carried out by our laboratory on the basis of a standardized protocol, respecting a specific user scenario (launch of the app, search for a music, select a music, listen for 1 minute). The other scenarios are the launch of the application (20”), inactivity in the foreground (20”) and inactivity in the background (20”).

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