The battle of the week Twitter special: video vs image vs gif

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A special battle for this new season: different media on Twitter: video, image and gif. Which one is the most energy and resource consuming media when viewing a tweet?

The fight

All the lights are now turned on the fighters and the match can finally begin.

In terms of energy consumption, a tweet with video consumes 63% more than tweet with image, and 25% more than tweet with gif . The consumption of the tweet with image is equivalent to that of a tweet without media since the images remain relatively small. Nevertheless the consumption increases when the user clicks on an image and displays it in real size.
On the data side exchanged, without any surprise, the tweet with video is the most consuming media with 1.91 MB, unlike tweets with image (112 KB) and gif (92 KB), a ratio of 20 between the heaviest and the lightest. On the occupied memory side, no significant difference in consumption, the values oscillate between 244 and 228 MB.

The bell rings, end of the match!

The winner

The winning media of this match remains the tweet with image, 63% less consumer than a video and 23% than tweet with GIF. So focus on the image to the video for your tweets. In our study on the energy consumption of the 30 most popular apps in the world , we found that the category of social networks was among the most consuming. Video is the new medium favored by users. Application publishers must be vigilant and optimize their use.

For those who like numbers

ApplicationVersionDownloadsPlaystore GradeApp weight (MB)Exchanged data (KB)Memory (MB)Energy consumption (mAh)
Twitter with video8.10.0500 000 000+4.51001.912448.5
Twitter with image8.10.0500 000 000+4.51000.112228.35.2
Twitter with gif8.10.0500 000 000+4.51000.092231.26.8
Twitter without média8.10.0500 000 000+4.51000.042239.85.3

The measurements were carried out by our laboratory on the basis of a standardized protocol, respecting a specific user scenario: displaying a tweet containing a media (image, video or gif)
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