Discover “Grapes”, the 1.16.0 version of GREENSPECTOR!

Reading Time: < 1 minute

After releasing the version 1.15.0 Fennel a few weeks ago, the GREENSPECTOR team gladly announces its newest release is ready : version 1.16.0 Grapes! Details on improvements below.

In its newer version, Greenspector reinforces furthermore the energy measurement capabilities of smartphones. Energy measurement requires putting the phone in mobile mode (ie phone non-connected to a PC and battery getting discharged), Greenspector tools allow all this in an automatic way. However, in some specific cases (OS with a restricted network connection, no WiFi connection available,…), the automated way isn’t doable. It is now possible to measure energy while being connected via USB simply with the addition of an open source hardware module. Continuous measurement from a software factory with specific phone is now realizable (phones used for Defense, for instance).

Read the full Release Note on App.Greenspector