Discover “Olive”, the 2.4.0 version of GREENSPECTOR!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The GREENSPECTOR team gladly announces its newest release is ready : version 2.4.0 Olive! With this new release, you will have, for all your test steps, metrics of the Android system (in addition to the metrics of resources and energy). This allows you to more finely analyze the behavior of the application and identify design issues. In the same way, with this version, you can measure several packages and you can distinguish the transmitted data from the received ones. Details on improvements below.

As a new major feature of this release, you can now access new Android metrics displayed from the Meter tab by clicking on the Android icon.

Here below is the new Android metrics detail.

Still on the metric side, it’s now possible to separate Process data received and Process Data sent :

You can now delete an application by clicking on the “cross” icon from the “My Applications” page :

It’s possible to monitor multiple packages at once. Metrics related to the process (process memory, process data …) are the sum of the different metrics of each package. For instance with the Jenkins Plugin :

Read the full Release Note on App.Greenspector