Which application choose to follow the 2018 World Cup without draining your smartphone’s battery life?

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Do you want to follow the FIFA World Cup 2018? Know minute by minute how accurate your predictions are? And most importantly, you don’t want to run out of battery before the end of the match! We have selected for you 10 applications that allow you to follow the match live results.

We measured their battery consumption. Thus, you will finally know the winner of this World Cup: the application to choose to follow serenely and in all circumstances the progress of your favorite games live! In the office or in transport, and even with little battery.

The ten applications

We measured the 10 applications of the live results of the 2018 Soccer World Cup.

ApplicationVersionDownloadsPlaystore Rank
FIFA4.2.310 000 000+4.1
FootEnDirect1.12.110 000+4.5
Forza Football4.1.25 000 000+4.6
Goal Live4.2.25 000 000+4.4
LiveScore: World Football 20182.1.2500 000+4.6
One Football10.7.1.32210 000 000+4.7
Résultats Foot En Direct4.2.110 000 000+4.5
SofaScore5.55.410 000 000+4.8
WorldCup4.1.01 000 000+4.6
World Cup Russia 20182.8.41 000 000+4.5

The method

The measurements are made on a smartphone in two stages. Step one, we are launching a GREENSPECTOR Benchmark to observe the general behavior of the application, especially in its launch phase, then when it’s in standby. For the second stage, we execute a manual test scenario whose goal is to obtain the score of a match in progress. During this test, the Greenspector “Free Runner” module allows us to obtain consumption measurements.
The combination of these two scenarios corresponds to a simple use: application launch, consultation of a score, waiting for a few seconds, then putting in the background.


Among the different metrics collected during testing, we are interested in battery consumption. This consumption is expressed in mAh. Obviously, the less mAh an application consumes, the better.
And here are the results!

Ranking of the impact of applications on battery life (mAh)

Verdict : The most efficient app is FootEnDirect, followed closely by ForzaFootball and by the official app FIFA.

However, the last two applications of the ranking (World Cup Russia 2018 and GoalLive) are not recommended: if you use GoalLive, your battery will be discharged 70% faster than if you use FootEnDirect! Overall consumption varies between 6 and 10 mAh, which represents a significant difference to arrive at the same simple result (see a score). Note that this is unit consumption: the more you use each of these applications, and the greater the impact on the autonomy of your device will be high.

The conclusion of our experts

Whatever the application you choose: allez les Bleus !